The Label Project Inc


Labels are extremely prevalent in our society, and can place individuals into one-dimensional categories that limit their potential. This is as much about society's story as it is about each of ours individually. Bullying is a severe and neglected issue, and The Label Project Inc is working to show that everyone has the ability and responsibility to change that.

The Label Project's mission is to liberate individuals from the labels placed on them by society, each other, and themselves, and to bring awareness to how bullying impacts individuals’ lives.

The Label Project Inc does workshops with schools, after school programs, and businesses working around the topic of where labels come from and how labels and bullying impact our lives. Please contact us for more information and availability.


“It’s important for those of us who are strong enough to stand up for those who aren’t. I am doing this for everyone who doesn’t have the voice to speak out against bullying and stereotypes. Verbal abuse and labeling effect everyone and there is an immense amount of damage that can be done. I felt so proud to be a part of such an incredible project with such a powerful message. I felt like I was doing this not only for myself, but for every one of my friends who I have seen affected by labels.”

-Cassidy Freed on her experience of participating

in a performance.

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The Label Project Inc: Performance 11: London, England